For the Liberation weekend of 5, 6 and 7 May 2023, Janny Haalboom has planned four concerts, at the Auditori Municipal in Ondara. Two evenings and two matinées. The concert has been named War Songs. The concert includes songs from WWII, but also various other songs that can be associated with war and peace. Songs that go straight from the heart to the soul.


Janny Haalboom is a multilingual singer. Born in Wageningen, The Netherlands, she grew up with the commemorations on 4 and 5 May and the Liberation Day celebrations on 5 May in her city. The veterans' parade and especially The Remembrance of the Dead and the lighting of the Liberation Fire at midnight made a deep impression on her.


From a young age, she has been busy with music and eventually participated in various music and theatre groups on the Costa Blanca. To expand her knowledge further, she attended several concerts in different countries. Nowadays, she has a small international audience through various streaming services over the internet.


Music lifts her up, and she sincerely hopes that her singing will lift you up too.


In these turbulent times, we should especially think back to the past, and be grateful for our freedom. The selection of repertoire for this special weekend is therefore multilingual and versatile. Songs from Vera Lynn, The Andrew Sisters, Marlene Dietrich, and more.

Music has the sacred healing power to soothe the soul. It touches one’s heart, body and mind. Unconditional love.


Tickets for this first proper solo concert by Janny Haalboom are available at, by calling 0034 683 230 993, or via the website

Telephone box office open from 31 March 2023 10:00am.