As a child Janny Haalboom already sings along with the radio and is very interested in music. An attribute through which she will make her dream come true.

From an early age she sings into the hoover when cleaning the house, whilst her mother is doing the shopping.

The neighbours definitely are very aware of these private concerts.

She grows up with her parents and her brother in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Her father is an allround typographer. Her mother is a housewife. As Janny gets older, her father starts a driving school, in which later on both her father and mother give lessons. Every other Sunday her father is the sexton of the Protestant church.

From the age of 10 until she is 14, Janny learns to play the electronic organ, and when she is 15, Janny learns to play the guitar.

When there is a wedding anniversary from friends or family, she sings along with the band playing tunes from Abba, Nicole or the Goombay Dance Band. The bands ask her to join them, but her parents don't allow her doing so. "If she wants to sing she can join the church choir," is her mother's opinion. But that's nothing of Janny's interest.

Due to having to choose between sports and music, she leaves the music and concentrates on sports. In free time she keeps on listening to the radio and singing along.

When finishing school she wants to study music and go to the Conservatory. Unfortunately her parents don't agree with her choice. Whilst very interested in accounting figures as well she decides that she wants to study Economics instead. Not getting any chance either. Because languages also are very attractive to her, she tries again: "Well......., maybe study English then?" Her parent's answer is very clear and will be remembered for a very long time: "Use your hands, get a job, and earn money!" Especially her mother's opinion has a huge impact on her: "You're a girl, you have to clean the house!"

That's when she leaves the music completely and starts to live a rocky-road-life.

Because blood is thicker than water, when having her own bar during the mid-nineties, she organizes evenings with karaoke competitions, and in weekends she sometimes sits on the edge of the bar singing along with famous dutch songs to enjoy her customers.

It's in the late nineties when Janny takes singing lessons with Linda van der Mee, who is a Dutch qualified singing and piano teacher. Linda discovers that Janny is not breathing properly, for which she gives her exercises. Linda asks Janny if she is interested in "musical". Although Janny knows a lot of songs from the radio, she hasn't got a clue what her teacher is talking about. But the tunes sound beautiful, so let's give it a chance.

In 2002 Janny moves to live in Spain. Sometimes she sings songs in a karaoke bar, for the rest it stays with listening to cd's.

Then, in 2004, she becomes ill. That's a turning point in her life!

For a period of five years she will be struggling with her health, and after that she will need another two years to work on her condition.

Before surgery to remove the thyroid Janny has to sign a paper because of the great risks for her vocal cords. The effect of that statement is a huge wake-up call. The specialist explains her that when she wakes up she has to make signs at the nurse questioning if she's allowed to talk yes or no. If the nurse answers with "yes", than that means that everything is okay and she will be allowed to talk.

Coming home Janny explains her partner that whatever happens, if she gets out of this without any vocal cords damages, she will start singing again and that no one anymore will stop her from trying to reach whatever she can reach.

And so it happens. She wakes up after the operation, the nurse nods that Janny is allowed to speak, and the tears of happiness can't be stopped anymore.

In 2006, as soon as Janny is able to do things on her own again, she takes singing lessons with Dutch singing teacher Johanna Spanjerberg, who was a member of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and lead singer with the "Glenn Miller Orchestra". At the same time she participates in Rob Barendsma's project "ABBA on the Beach". Rob Barendsma is a Dutch renowned director and choreographer. Janny joins Rob's musical theatre group "Teatro del Sol" and participates in the yearly following four musical productions.

From then on, although still having health problems she spends as much time on her first passion as she can. She buys loads of backing tracks, sorts them out one by one and works as much as she can searching the internet for the lyrics, organizing everything in her laptop.

In 2008, Janny joins the English amateur show group "Sounds Familiar" led by English singer and producer Philip Ashley. She takes singing lessons with Philip, who teaches her all the skills needed for musical theatre, and Janny participates in all of his shows, joining the company numbers as well as singing solo's.

In 2009, Janny starts her solo career. She records a cd with five numbers and sings on several private functions.

In 2010, Janny joins Philip Ashley's professional group "Amadeus", participating in two productions, again joining the company numbers as well as singing solo's.

In 2012, Janny is ready to give her solo career a boost and is coached by Torben Thoger, who is an award nominated Danish composer, record producer, recording artist and filmmaker. With him she records her first cd with twelve numbers named "All of me", which is available to buy throughout the internet and through this site. The link is on the left.

From then on she starts performing solo on both public and private functions.

End of 2013 she starts working together occasionally with singer Luigi, who is a well known singer in the Pego area on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Also she starts off presenting events under the name Oase Entertainment.

End of 2014 Janny decides to push her boundaries and go for an international audience by putting her music on NumberOneMusic. She gets a very good response from all over the world.

Her next project is to work on multilingual recordings.

Janny is very happy to be back at her first passion. Music lifts her up, and she hopes that her singing will lift you up as well.

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